Check Out Daniel Duncan-Williams 2018 Song Called ‘Go Silly”

Daniel Duncan-Williams

Daniel Duncan-Williams, the son of Archbishop Duncan-Williams is a musician.

Daniel, who is living with bipolar disoder, recently suffered a relapse.

His social media meltdown saw him releasing his own nudes.

He is now taking the time to promote his old song again on his social media platform.

“I’m glad everyone enjoyed all the laughs today but I’m really just a business man about my music family loved ones and money. God bless you all but the time for jokes is over.. God is changing my life, and its about to happen before your very eyes,” he said in an Instagram post.

The video, that was released in 2018 currently has 15.2K YouTube views.

Just before he relapsed, Daniel shared that he would be releasing a song about a heart break he suffered from someone called Abena.


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