4 Marvel/DC Superheroes That Yvonne Nelson Would Be Perfect To Play

3. Nubia

Image: Illustration of Superhero Nubia from pinimg

Nubia is basically Wonder Woman’s sister who was kidnapped at a young age. She has pretty much the same abilities as Wonder Woman. However, her kidnapper, the god Mars, turned her evil. She comes back to her senses eventually though. Playing royalty would be a walk in the park for Yvonne Nelson.

4. Natasha Irons

Image: Illustration of Superhero Natasha Irons from Comic Vine

Natasha Irons is a really intelligent woman who wears a suit of armour in order to do her superhero-‘ing.’ She has a bit of an attitude and she’s very strong-willed. O, and she also flies around with a gigantic hammer to beat the baddies with. I can just imagine Yvonne Nelson swing that hammer and breaking her way into the hearts of audiences all over.

If you hadn’t picked up on it already, we are big fans of Yvonne Nelson, and we would really love to see her representing Ghana in one of these over-the-top movies.


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