4 Marvel/DC Superheroes That Yvonne Nelson Would Be Perfect To Play

Photo of Actress Yvonne Nelson From Independent

As far as actresses go, Yvonne Nelson is one of Ghana’s OGs from the game. Growing up, who didn’t imagine getting in a fight with Van Vicker for ‘the’ Princess Tyra? No? Just me? Oh well… Anyway, as I was saying, Yvonne Nelson is an incredible talent and as fans of the superhero cinematic films, we couldn’t stop picturing her playing some strong black super-heroines.

1. Vixen

Image: Illustration of Superhero Vixen from Comic Vine

Okay, so the story goes that in ancient Ghana, the warrior Tantu asked Ananse, the spider, to create a totem (it’s just a necklace in most stories) that would give its user the powers of the entire animal kingdom. Mari Jiwe McCabe is the latest holder of that totem. She’s a fierce woman who doesn’t play around when it comes to protecting what is hers. Yvonne Nelson would kill as Vixen. In fact, if you would let me see that, you can take my money now.

2. Storm

Image: Illustration of Superhero Storm from iDesign iPhone

Most of us have seen one version of Storm or another. Ororo Munroe is a girl who was raised in Cairo, Egypt. There’s a lot of material, but long story short, she lost her parents and then developed the ability to control the weather. She would later end up in a tribe where she was worshipped as a rain goddess. A tribe where we all worship rain goddess Yvonne Nelson? Sign me up, please.


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