10 Common And Yet Interesting Lies Nigerians Tell

Nigerian Tailors
Nigerian Tailors

When it comes to awarding “best interesting lie tellers”, I think Nigerians should rank first. Some are even good to the extent that you would think they went to schools of pure lies and bagged first class Bsc and Msc in sugar-coated lies.

As a fellow Nigerian, you would be so convinced, but as time goes on, you begin to wonder how lies form immediately on their lips…let’s be factual, you know that you’ve told ┬ásome of these lies

See some common lies we tell.

1. Wait for me, I’m on a bike. I’ll join you soon

Lagos Police Begin Arrest of Lawless 'Okada' Riders June 15 - SIGNAL

You that you haven’t stepped out of your house. 2 hours later you are still on a bike

2. Hello?… Hello, ah, this network is bad oooo

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Which network is bad? or you are tired of talking. Maybe it’s the person you owe money that called and you don’t have the money yet

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