#VogueChallenge: These Ghanaian Photographers Transformed Their Images Into Vogue Covers

#VogueChallenge (Image via Twitter/Albert Chime)

Ghanaian photographers have once again proved they are the right people for the job. Being a photographer in Ghana means you will need to work extra hard to please international brands. One major reason is, the industry is not well structured to help push creatives, everyone seems to hustle on their own to get to the top.

During these tough times (coronavirus), the most hit industry is the creative industry, especially photographers. Everything has come to a halt making commission very difficult to execute.

British Vogue dedicated its July 2020 issue to the millions of heroic key workers across the UK headed by Editor-In-Chief Edward Enninful.

After the racial injustice and police brutality towards blacks, a trend #voguechallenge has gone viral with black creatives showing the world and international brands they are the right people for the job.

This list was curated purposely to promote Ghanaian photographers and the authenticity of their craft.

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