Sonnie Badu Supports Duncan Williams After His Son’s Recent Bipolar Relapse

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Daniel Duncan-Williams, the son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams reportedly relapsed when he took to social media to share nudes of himself.

Hours after his son’s social media outburst, the archbishop issued a statement indicating that his son was sick and that was a relapse moment he suffered publicly on social media.

Since then, Daniel has been sectioned and is reportedly receiving healthcare, however, some people on social are also trolling the man of God for his son’s behaviour.

While the head of the Action Chapel is facing the backlash, award winning musician and the head pastor of the Rockhill Church Sonnie Badu has said he is supporting the Archbishop and his family.

“Devil you are a big fool …. this is what pastors go through after praying for you, they come after our families…,” Sonnie Badu said in an Instagram post.

“Papa we are proud Sons and you have raised us well. Thank you for your many years of prayers and love for the nation and the continent,” he added.

“When I saw you pray for the President of the United States, I knew who I wanted to be like when I grow old and grey,” he said.

In a second post, Sonnie Badu sought to rally support for Duncan-Williams by asking those who love him to use him as their profile pictures.

“If you love the ArchBishop @archbishopnick then I dare you to Change your display picture to this amazing picture,” he wrote as a caption of the photo Duncan-Williams he himself has used as his profile photo.

“A true giant of Africa, a true father, Natiibs honor you, we hail you papa,” he added.

“The last time Absalom tried it on David, there was a big problem, yet David still loved his son … I speak with wisdom,” he added.

Bipolar disorder is a mental health illness that can be treated.


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