Did You Know: How Platform Heels Came Into Existence

Platform shoes over the years

Short girls love anything that will give them height; stilettos, kitten heels and of course platform heels. Platforms are so easy to wear and rely on especially when the heels themselves are very high.

If you want really high heels that won’t worry your feet, get platforms cuz I promise, you wouldn’t even feel like the heels are that high and your feet won’t hurt.

Now, where did they come from? Who made them? Why were they even made? Have these questions ever crossed your mind?

This style of shoe dates as far back as ancient Greece. In fact, the platform shoe’s original style icon was the goddess Aphrodite, who was occasionally depicted sporting a very tall version of the footwear.

Deities aside, mortal Greeks were also known to wear platforms. Actors of the time wore sandals with leather ties and cork platforms called the Cornthus. The height of the shoe helped create an easily understood visual for the audience. Platform heights were based on the importance of each individual actor; central characters were made to be taller, and subsequently easier to see. (Source: startupfashion.com) This shows that men were one of the first people to wear them.

Bushkins, Ancient Sandals Worn by Actors in Ancient Rome and Greece
Image of an actor’s platform sandals. Source: fabulousplatformshoes.com

In the 13th century in the Middle East, platforms took a new turn as they were redesigned into “Kabkabs”. Women of higher classes wore these impractical shoes (check out the picture beneath this paragraph to see for yourself) and the men wore them in bathhouses (we genuinely don’t know how they kept their balance on this thing. Didn’t they get hurt??).

Kabkabs, Centuries Old Lebanese Shoes
Image of ladies wearing Kabkabs. Source: fabulousplatformshoes.com

Again, this was to keep their feet clean and protect them from the dirt on the streets. These ‘stilts’ were made from wood and were often decorated with silver and pearl. The straps were made out of either velvet, leather or silk. They were given their name due to the noise they made when walking on marble flooring. (Source: fabulousplatformshoes.com)

Top 10 Most Bizarre Shoes in History - Listverse
Kabkabs. Image source: listverse.com

In the 1970’s, the shoe style paired well with bell-bottom jeans, which were the standard wardrobe item at the time. Platforms were worn by women and men alike. They were the “party shoe” of the era, having become synonymous with disco and the outrageous fashions that accompanied it. (Source: startupfashion.com)

1970s - Platform Shoes - InfoBarrel Images
Women in platform heels in the 1970s. Source: infobarrel.com

There are currently different styles platforms come in and in as much as some are really impractical like the Armadillo shoes, the rest are quite easy to wear.

Alexander McQueen's Armadillo Boots Going up for Auction ...
Armadillo platform heels. IMAGE: CHRISTIE’S

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