6 Funny Myths Many Nigerians Still Believe Till Date

Black man scratching itch on his hand
Black man scratching itch on his hand

When we were younger, our parents made us believed (some still do) different myths. That is stories and tales that aren’t true. I think they did so probably to scare us or because their grandparents told their parents who in turn tell our parents. And they felt it was normal to pass it down to the children…something like a legacy. Lol

Sometimes, I wonder who even started the myths in Nigeria and somehow people believed it to be true

Do you doubt? See some of the myths below  and tell me if you never believed anyone even as a child in a typical Nigerian home

1.When it’s raining and the sun is shining at the same time, it means a lion is giving birth

Does a Sun Shower Mean Good Luck is On Its Way?
Sun Shower photo via snopes.com

You need to see pure happiness on children’s faces as they scream “the lion is giving birth ooo”. Even adult would whisper it to themselves. O, God!. But thanks to science,  it is called sun shower which comes as a result of accompanying winds blowing the raindrops to an area where they are no clouds.

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