6 Funny And Embarrassing Things Every Ghanaian Has Done In Public

GIF via metro.co.uk

We’ve all done one or two of these 5 embarrassing things and even though we are sure you won’t admit it, we know deep down that, that day when you did them will flash through your mind and you’ll allow yourself a small smile on your face as you think back.

You see, that’s the thing. Nobody admits to doing them so we all assume that we are in that boat alone but that’s so far from the truth.

Here are 6 embarrassing things almost everyone has done.

1. Waving back at someone and realising that they weren’t waving at you in the first place

Lmao!! Glasses-wearers can attest to this especially when they aren’t wearing their glasses and everyone is like a shadow to them. When you aren’t sure if the person is waving at you and you don’t want to seem rude so you wave back only to realise that they were waving someone behind you and now they’re looking at you like you’re crazy. Can the earth open up and swallow you already???

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