Let’s Get You Hired: How To Revamp Your LinkedIn For Effectiveness In Ghana

Recently, a Twitter user made a thread in which she takes her time to illustrate some steps to make your LinkedIn Profile a more effective career tool. Today on Let’s Get You Hired, we take a look at some of those tips in order to give you an edge in your job search efforts.

Find People You Meet On LinkedIn

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When you meet people, wherever, try and connect with them on LinkedIn and send thank you messages there. Stay in contact with anybody you meet on there especially once you have communicated via InMail (the messages).

Your Tagline Helps You Get Noticed By Recruiters

LinkedIn Profile With Headline Highlighted. Source: Cultivated Culture

Your Tagline should go straight to the point eg. “Enthusiastic about Education” or “2020 University Graduate seeking full-time employment” if you’re job searching i.e because recruiters tend to use a lot of filters when searching on LinkedIn.

The Location That You Set Matters

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For your location, if you live in a very small town, choose the closest biggest metropolitan city near you so that you don’t miss out thanks to filters. Next, is the ‘About’ section of your LinkedIn profile.

No Selfies On Your Profile

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For your LinkedIn Profile, use a nice clean headshot, not a selfie. A smile is always great. For your banner photo, opt for an image that subtly says something about you (interests, hobbies, etc.) that is not your face. Not a vacation photo of you in a bikini either.

Your About Section Should Make Them Want You

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See the about section as 30-45 to sell yourself but virtually. ‘Super-flex in 2-3 paragraphs’ she said. First paragraph should be your current state/position. Second paragraph, a little bit about your past plus a bit about yourself that makes you look human.

Third paragraph, Education, involvement, interests, groups you’re part of, etc.

Tip: Like, follow and engage with posts from brands/organizations/companies that you are interested in.

Recruiters Know If You Are Active

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Recruiters use engagements to gauge your interests and it’s a plus if they’re hiring for those pages you follow or similar. So it’s not just your profile saying you are interested in something- your activity proves it too! It also allows them to know what groups you are part of.

The Best Time To Send Messages On LinkedIn

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When you want to connect with someone on LinkedIn, especially someone you don’t know, aim for 7pm-9pm in their timezone- Morgan says that’s LinkedIn’s observed ‘rush hour’. Your recipient is most likely to see it at that time.

Now, Actually Use Your Account

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After you’ve done all this, start treating your LinkedIn like you treat your Twitter and or Instagram accounts- Browse through daily. Like things, update things, share things, follow brands, pay attention, and APPLY TO AS MANY JOBS AS YOU THINK YOU ARE FIT FOR.

Let’s Get You Hired is a weekly manual for job seekers. The series contains guides and tips on CVs, Interviews and other resources to get you hired.

Source: Energizer (@_shorshor)


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