How To Dress For An Interview – Men’s Edition

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We keep saying it over and over again. Even though you might be the best person for the job because you know your stuff, your interviewer might not even consider you because of the first impression they make of you.

If you don’t look the part, it can eventually cost you the job. It can be really hard proving that you’re better than the first bad impression you made so it’s better to avoid that.

Your attire really matters and we have made it easier for you to figure everything out.

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect look:

1. Own button down shirts

Image of a man in a button down Shirt. Source:

A Button down shirt with navy, grey or black slack will always do the trick. Get different ties that match the different colours of trousers you own. Add a pair of dark, polished shoes, black or brown, laces or loafers. You can also wear a pair of black oxfords or cap-toed oxfords.

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