Here’s How To Collect Your National Identification Card

NIA Card

The National Identification Authority is finally ready to release the cards of people who have already gone through the registration process.

While a number of people received their cards when they registered, a lot more others were not able to.

As the card has now become essential in registering for the new Voter’s ID cards that will be issued ahead of this year’s elections, the NIA is now releasing all the cards of people who have already registered.

Keeping in mind the coronavirus safety protocols, the NIA has issued a 10-point notice of how the cards can be collected by people who have already registered.

It includes, wearing of the facemarks, sanitizing of hands among others.

It also added that people who have not been able to register for the NIA cards can do so after 18th June, this year.

This process is strictly for those who have registered and have not received their cards.


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