10 Things You Should Have In Mind When You’re Texting Your Boss

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For most of us, texting is our primary way of staying in touch with people. Phone calls have been relegated to be used only for conversations with extended family, emergencies and those romantic conversations with your significant other. We text all the time; even for purposes related to work.

Of course, we still send emails. However, those tend to be reserved for more formal communique. In our day-to-day, especially if you’re working from home, we text with coworkers and our bosses in order to get things done. Here are some of the things that you should be careful about when you are texting your boss or coworkers.

1. Typos/Auto-correct Mistakes

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Sending a text with a typo is embarrassing, but it is even more embarrassing when the phone that the text lands on is your boss’ phone. So, slow down and check for typos before you hit send if you’re texting your boss. Ironically, the auto-correct that is supposed to save you from embarrassment can also embarrass you. Before you send out a text to your boss, make sure that the auto-correct didn’t make any wrong changes either.

2. Sending A Text To The Wrong Recipient

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If you’ve never done this, you probably judge the people that have, but you really shouldn’t. You would be surprised how easy this mistake is to make. And it is honestly the single most embarrassing thing that can happen over text. Imagine having to explain why you sent that dirty tweet to your boss instead of the friend that you thought you were sending it to.

3. Your Tone Of Voice

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One of the biggest disadvantages of texting is how easily tone of voice can be misinterpreted. Your boss may make a harmless comment that you may end up taking personally. On the other side of that, you might not mean to be rude when you say something, but how you text may be perceived as being rude. Just go over your texts to your boss in order to ensure that your wording leaves no room for misinterpretation.

4. Consider The Time

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No matter how important you think that something is, there is no reason that you should be texting your boss around midnight, come on. Whenever you need to send a work-related text to your boss, you need to make sure that the hour is appropriate for it.


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