WIUC: Final Year Student Questions Discount On Tuition Given By School Management.

wisconsin international university college
wisconsin international university college

A final year student of the Wisconsin International University College, Jackson Appiagyei Jnr has sent a letter to school management raising concerns about the discount on tuition given to students due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The school in a communique yesterday stated that the school was refunding GHS200 each to students under a listed number of scenarios.

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The final year student in his letter queried management on the various scenarios under which the money was going to be refunded.

Take a look at the full letter below:

Dear Sir,


Please I humbly write to your high office in response to your letter dated 7th June 2020 in relation to “Discount of Tuition Fees and Deferment of Late Registration Penalty”.

My aim is to seek clarifications and also draw your attention to some pertinent issues in relation to your letter. Indeed, the outbreak of the COVID – 19 pandemic in Ghana has obviously brought about numerous challenges to both management and students of this noble institution.

Just to mention a few of these challenges from the students perspective, we had to cooperate in good faith with management’s directives to continue lectures online as we personally financed our cost of data.

Unfortunately, some of our parents and students lost their jobs along the line and some also had to cope with receiving half of their salaries so they do not lose their jobs.

Moreover, some student entrepreneurs lost their business and revenues and times have indeed been hard for most students.

Hence, the humble call from students to management to put in place measures that will seek to mitigate the financial difficulties faced by students in these extraordinary times.

On behalf of students, I wish to express our profound gratitude to the management for the measures outlined in your letter dated 7th June 2020 aimed at mitigating the difficulties faced by students arising from the COVID – 19 outbreak, especially the extension of the deadline for payment of fees.

However, our concerns stem from some of the scenarios given in the letter, and I humbly wish to bring them to your attention by seeking clarifications and also drawing your attention to some important issues.

According to the first scenario, “students who have paid all fees in full for the second semester of the 2019/20 academic year will benefit from a discount of Ghc 200.00 (Two Hundred Ghana cedis) to be credited next semester.”

The question on the minds of many final year upper students including myself is that what happens to those who have paid all fees in full for the second semester and do not have any other semester for their Ghc 200.00 discount to be credited?

Is it going to be refunded or credited to their graduation fees? We humbly seek clarifications to these questions. The second scenario states that “students who have paid half fees or more (Registered) for the second semester of the 2019/20 academic year will benefit from the Ghc200.00 discount once they complete payment of fees in full this semester.”

The clarification I humbly seek is that, when exactly will students benefit from the Ghc 200.00 discount? Will the benefit be this semester or next semester? If it is this semester, does it mean students can pay their fees in full minus the Ghc 200.00 discount?

However if the benefit will be next semester, then I humbly bring to your kind attention that the alleviation of the current suffering of parents and students with the Ghc 200.00 discount cannot be deferred to next semester since the alleviation has a direct bearing on the participation of students in this semesters examinations.

According to the third scenario, “students who pay fees in full this semester (second semester of the 2019/20) but may not be able to pay for the late registration penalty will have their late registration penalty deferred to next semester (won’t benefit from Ghc 200.00 discount).”

Please I humbly appeal to your high office, your kind heart, management and all the stakeholders to consider not charging the late registration penalty this semester or deferring it to next semester considering how badly the COVID – 19 pandemic has treated the finances of most parents and students.

Once an individual is able to pay the fees in full this semester even though late amidst this COVID – 19 pandemic, shows that if the person had the money earlier, he/she would have paid earlier. Indeed, when times were hard, students showed good faith by complying with management’s directives to continue lectures online as we personally financed our cost of data.

Therefore, as the old adage goes, one good turn deserves another. I humbly recommend that we rather encourage all students to endeavour to pay their fees in full before the results for this semester’s examinations are released. If possible, measures should be put in place by management to withhold the results of students until they have fully paid their fees, and I am hopeful that it will also compel most students to pay their fees in full this semester. In view of the foregoing, I would like to thank you for your time and attention. I shall be grateful if clarifications are given to the questions raised and the recommendations given will be favourably considered.

Yours faithfully,
Jackson Appiagyei Jnr
(Student, Wisconsin International University College, Ghana)
Cc: All Students
Wisconsin International University College, Ghana

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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