These Are The Songs From Castro We Still Jam Hard To

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Theophilus Tagoe, popularly known as Castro or Castro Under Fire, was a Ghanaian hiplife recording artist and musician who produced real jams when it came to music.

It was almost as if everything his hands touched on music turned to gold. We wanted to take a trip back memory lane with this one and whew. It sure did bring a lot of memories.

We didn’t add the songs he was featured on because those were a lot and we would probably do another one with those hits alone.

Some of us still believe he’ll appear one way or another and give us a story of how he was abducted or he was whisked off because someone thought he was somebody else and how he struggled to come back to Ghana. Yeah, we know it’s like a page out of a storybook or movie scene but it’s easier to believe that than the fact that he’s actually dead. Sigh.

From Toffee to Sradenam to Abongo Lorry and even to Boneshaker, here are some of the songs from Castro we still jam hard to.


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