Ghana Police Service Arrest Ernesto Yeboah For Holding Black Lives Matter Vigil

Ernesto Yeboah at the Black Lives Matter vigil

Yesterday, a four day long memorial ceremony for George Floyd, the murdered African American began in the United States of America.

This is expected to continue to Tuesday, when he will be interred in Houston Texas.

Meanwhile, in Ghana, Ghanaians were also showing up and supporting the brothers and sisters in the diaspora, who are currently fighting for their right to live.

A group called the Economic Fighters League (EFL) and led by Ernesto Yeboah held a vigil at the Black Star Square (Independence Square) in honor of George Floyd.

However, that event was forcefully stopped by the police and some military officers.

According to some of the people who attended the vigil, the leader of the EFL, Ernesto Yeboah was picked up by the police.

The EFL is calling Ernesto Yeboah’s arrest “a kidnapping by the police.”

Last week, the police released a statement cautioning against any planned demonstration in support for the Black Lives Matter campaign because of the restrictions on social gathering.

Ernesto Yeboah has had similar encounters with officers of the security services in the past.

He was the same campaigner who was arrested in Parliament last year when he demonstrated against the planned decision of Parliament to build a new chamber.

The #DropThatChamber campaign has at least put a pin on the plans by the government.

As at the time of filling this reports, Ernesto Yeboah was still believed to be in police custody.



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