All You Need To Know About Knotless Braids

Bold Red Braids. Source: @kersti.pitre

Most people are currently falling on the knotless braids trend for their protective styling and we cannot blame them.

Image of a Lady in knotless braids

Knotless braids are kinder to your hair as compared to the traditional box braids. Unlike box braids, knotless braids start with your natural hair before adding extensions as they go along. This reduces the chance of breakages and reduces the tension on your scalp.

Image of a Lady in knotless braids

Right after doing them, you can style your hair and move your head around since there really isn’t any tension.
Image of a lady in knotless braids held in a high updo

Styling your hair any way you deem fit is a plus when you decide to go with this protective styling. Ponytails, space buns, normal buns and a number of other styles to choose from. Some people also do goddess knotless braids as well. Just play with the hairstyle.

Image of red knotless braids with the front held in a bun

The down side to it though is that it takes a little long to do so if you can find a salon that can dedicate 2 or more people to work on your hair, do that. The longer you want the braids to be, the longer you’ll stay at the salon.

Image of a Lady in knotless braids

With the proper maintenance, knotless braids can last for weeks without giving you any trouble.


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