5 Things We Missed The Most About Church

President Akufo Addo eased the restrictions on religious activities last week. He’s allowing churches and mosques to open but is limiting the number of people to 100 (all practicing social distancing) at a time.

Even though several churches, especially the big ones, have decided to ignore the lax directive, many more are excited to open their doors to their congregation months after they were banned from public gatherings.

Lots of people are happy because well… we do miss church! 

These are the things we know for a fact most of y’all will be going crazy over (just because you miss it so much!)

Wearing your favourite shada 

Sounds almost crazy but Sundays were the days people took time to dress up and we know for a fact that most of you missed doing this for your hashtag blessed Sunday posts.

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Praise and worship time 

You can listen to gospel in your room but it never feels the same like when you’re with a congregation! The dancing hits different when you know you’re in the midst of people who won’t think you’re crazy. 

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That church crush 

Don’t say “Ei” because we know some of you have just been itching to catch the eye of some special someone at church. The highlight of your weekend has always been spotting them at church and well… we hope they come to church today for your sanity’s sake

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After church rituals 

Maybe you wouldn’t attempt it just yet but for some people , the plans after church played such a big role in their week pre COVID-19. Going out with friends for some fufu or omotuo special, barbecue with friends or family… even the fanice and meat pie sessions after church brought us so much joy!

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Juicy Church gossip 

Mmmhmm! The juice has always been best served in groups after church when you’re all huddled together, waiting for an after church meeting or just casually strolling to the bus stop… finding out the choirmaster is dating sister Francine just doesn’t feel right via text! And oh… is Sister Angela’s pregnancy going to start showing? 

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Well, welcome back to church and hope you all have a great service lol! 

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