11 Abominations That Might Actually Be The Future Of SmartPhones

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Every year new flagship phones come out, and then we all rush to get them. What you might not know is that, there are some incredible phones that fly under the radar. These are the monstrosities that you might never even hear about. And … some of these are the smartphones of the future. Maybe.

1. Apple Glass

Image Designed By Martin Hughes From iDrop News

The first entry on our list comes from the smartphone giant, Apple. If you are not familiar with Augmented Reality (AR), here’s a very basic definition. Basically, it is any technology that places digital content over real-life images. For example, your Snapchat filters are augmented reality. That flower crown that shows up on your head is just digital content placed over your real-life image. Pokemon Go is also another great example of AR.

The Apple Glass will have a similar effect, but the applications could be even more significant. Imagine walking down a street, wearing your Apple Glasses, and then seeing an arrow that shows you what direction to go. Yes, that is definitely the tech of the future. The Apple Glass is expected to start selling at $499, which is very close to GHs3,000. If you’re an Apple fanboy/girl, then the price no really go touch you like that sef.

2. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Image: Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha From AnandTech

Now, this … this does not make the most sense to me but hell, it is as futuristic as touch screen phones get. The phone’s selling point is its screen dubbed the “surround screen.” The screen wraps around the whole phone from front to back. The phone definitely looks great but it’s something that you’re supposed to see in a movie and go “coool,” it’s not a phone that I can imagine anyone enjoying using. Although prototypes of this pphone have been sent to reviewers, the phone is not yt available to buy.

3. Zanco S Pen

Image: Zanco S Pen From Leisurian

Have you ever looked at your pen and thought, “Damn, I wish you were a phone.” No? Well, me neither, but that didn’t stop Zanco from making this futuristic device that is a well … a pen phone? This phone comes packed with a bunch of features though. You can use the phone (which, did I mention already, is a pen?) as a stylus for your other touch screen devices. You can also use the phone as a laser pointer for presentations and you can do normal phone stuff like make calls and play music. Another cool thing about this phone is that it comes with 13 voice-changer options. The Zanco S Pen has been marketed as the world’s thinnest phone.

4. Xiaomi BlackShark 3 Pro

Image: Xiaomi BlackShark 3 Pro From GsmArena

Xiaomi is really pushing the boundaries of mobile phone design. Their second entry on this list, the Blackshark 3 Pro, is the fastest phone in the world. No, I’m not exaggerating, this device is an absolute beast. It was designed specifically for mobile gaming. I mean, the phone comes with shoulder buttons (the L1 and R1 buttons on a Playstation). The phone also comes with an external fan that you can stick to the back to prevent from heating up too much, and detachable controllers. This 5G phone goes for $789 which is close enough to GHs5,000.

5. Yotaphone 2

Image: YotaPhone 2 From Engadget

Two heads are better than one, but are two screens better than one? The Yotaphone 2 is a dual-screen phone that I’ve just got to have. The first screen is a regular touchscreen just like you are used to. However, when you flip the phone over, you will see another screen that is technically referred to as an E Ink Screen. That screen is designed for reading, and the same technology is used in Amazon’s Kindle tablets. Basically, the Yotaphone 2 comes with a dedicated reading screen.

6. Servo R25

Product Image of Servo R25 From Gearbest

This phone is on this list because, honestly, you have never seen anything like it. However, it is 100% an abomination. The phone is actually a power bank. Okay, weird but not sensational. That’s before you learn that the phone is also an Air Pod Case. There’s a pair of Bluetooth earphones just lodged inside the phone. You literally rip the top of the phone open to access the earphones, which the phone charges when you place them back in. This is definitely what all smartphone batteries should be like in future.


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