5 Types Of Nigerians You Will See At An Owanbe Party

Owambe parties photo via medium.com
Owambe parties photo via medium.com

Have you ever heard of any Saturday without a single party in Nigeria? Ranging from weddings, naming ceremonies, birthdays, launching of books or house, final burial, you just name it.

It has been said that the yoruba tribes in Nigeria party more often . Truly, they do!. As they celebrate frequently in grand style. It wouldn’t be wrong to say there are different clothes bought for different occasions, some expensive than others.

If you have attended any of Nigerians’ owanbe, then you should relate to these pictures

1. The expensive asoebi gang

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Asoebi photo via koko.ng

These set of people are mostly the cream of society. They are seen in elegant attire that wow the eyes. Their tables are filled with mouth-watering meals and drinks. The gifts they collect for buying those expensive  clothes shocks a common Nigerian.

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