12 Habits That Kill The Vibe In Conversations

5. Stealing The Other Person’s Turn

When someone starts speaking, sometimes you just want to tell them “me too!” and that’s fine as long as you let them finish what they’re saying. However, some people just take over whatever you were saying. “Oh, you watched a movie this weekend? I watched a movie too and it was life-changing…” and then they proceed to tell you about their whole weekend, and you didn’t even get to recommend the movie that you were going to recommend to them.

6. Bragging, But Trying Not To Brag

It’s alright to have good news. And it’s perfectly alright to tell your friends about your good news. Sometimes sharing good news can feel like bragging and that makes some people uncomfortable. However, if that makes you feel bad, what is even worse is being overly modest about things that you are actually excited that you accomplished.

7. Ignoring Body Language

Body language is just as much of conversations as what is being said. When you’re talking to someone, you can generally tell how the conversation is going from their expressions. However, some people ignore those tells in order to keep talking about whatever they’re talking about. If you can tell from their body language that someone isn’t too interested in the conversation or they’re offended by something that you said, just take the hint. And act accordingly.

8. Not Taking Any Pauses

When we are talking about things that excite us, it’s easy to just go off. We can just lose ourselves talking about that thing. However, that’s not a good habit. You need to take some pauses when you’re talking to make sure that the person you’re talking to is interested and following along. Otherwise, you just monologue to someone who would rather run away than listen.


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