12 Habits That Kill The Vibe In Conversations

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

It doesn’t matter who you are, you love conversations. It’s just that some conversations are so bad that you begin to feel trapped in them. The other person does stuff that makes you cringe but you can’t just log out of the conversation. Sadly, we can all sometimes be the person that makes someone else cringe. Here is how to avoid that. These are bad habits that people have in conversation. Avoid them and keep the vibe going.

1. Interrupting The Other Person

One thing that can turn a conversation bad is interrupting when someone is speaking. This happens a lot in arguments. Instead of allowing the other person to get their point across, you stop them before they have a chance to speak so that you can get more points in. This, as you can imagine, will be annoying for that person. It’s not surprising if the whole conversation begins to turn them off.

2. Asking For Things

Yes, asking for things can ruin a good conversation. When you have to ask someone for something, make sure that you’re clear that that’s the reason why you’re approaching them. What you don’t want to do is be having a good conversation about a thing, and then because you’re both all laughs, capitalizing on that good energy to bring up a request. That’s a tad manipulative; no one likes that.

3. Being A Know-It-All

I don’t know why, but sometimes people feel the need to have an opinion on every single thing; no matter how ill-formed that opinion is. If you don’t know something, you aren’t required to speak on it. Don’t just put words together and try to sound like you know what you’re talking about. Don’t just say phrases that you’ve heard around either. People can usually see through that, and you don’t make a good impression.

4. Making It All About You

A good conversation is a give-and-take. When you are genuinely interested in talking to someone, it’s not because you want to talk at them. It’s also because you want their unique views and insights. It’s a bad habit to pretend to ask the person that you’re talking to a question, just so you can end up answering it yourself. Something like asking “Have you ever been to Bali?” just so that you can tell the person that you have been.


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