Mixed Reactions Meet Fameye’s Argument On Twitter

Fameye, Ghanaian musician known for his hit song "Nothing I Get"

A heated argument that occurred today [June 5, 2020] on Twitter between Fameye and Kwabena Wan (a Twitter user) has got a lot of people talking.

Fameye, who is known for his hit song Nothing I Get, refuted claims made by Kwabena Wan about his lyrics.

Kwabena Wan claimed that Famyeye always talks about his struggles in life in every song he makes. He, therefore, advised him to put more work into churning out “proper lyrics.”

Fameye, however, was not happy about the criticism from Kwabena Wan and attacked him for tweeting “untrue things” about him.

Fameye has been criticised by some Twitter users for how he reacted to Kwabena Wan’s comments about his lyrics. According to them, he should have accepted the criticism without getting angry.

A tweet by Gyesi on Fameye’s reaction

While some Twitter users are in support of Fameye for his reactions, others think he was right to react the way he did because he has been through a lot and it is okay for him to talk about his struggles in his songs.

A tweet by Malik Ofori on Fameye’s reaction

Here are more reactions to the argument:


source: kuulpeeps.com

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