M.anifest Speaks On The Current Trend Of Critiquing

M.anifest is a Ghanaian rapper, singer and songwriter

Following, the recent criticisms that are being made on social media, M.anifest shared his view on how people criticise now.

Creatives have been at the receiving end of a lot of criticisms from people on social media. Some of them make very good and constructive criticisms, while others just take shots at creatives for no reason.

According to M.anifest, criticisms are no longer based on “principle or any sort of ethical basis.”

He adds that the current trend of critiquing is based on praising people you like and condemning those you don’t like.

“These days critique is rarely based on principle or any sort of ethical basis. It’s mostly siding with people you like and bashing people you despise,” he wrote.

M.anifest’s tweet on the current trend of critiquing

Earlier today, Fameye got into a heated argument with a tweep who criticised him for the kind of lyrics he churns out.

Fameye, however, was not happy about the criticism and attacked the critic for tweeting “untrue things” about him.

We hope critics will find ways to properly address criticisms and creatives, as well, will learn how to take criticisms without getting angry.

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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