#LiveJive: 7 Important Things We Learned About Kidi From Our Interview

Kidi revealed a lot about himself on LiveJive

Kuulpeeps had a long conversation with the gyaldem sugar yesterday on our weekly Instagram love show and in just 50 minutes, we learned a LOT about Kidi that we are sure you didn’t know!

His room is blue. 

His favourite colour is any shade of blue but.. especially, baby blue. His walls are blue, he seems to have blue lights in his room too and his sheets are also blue! (Ladies, we saved  screenshots)

screenshot from Kuulpeeps Live Jive interview on Instagram

He was a popular kid in school.

He attended St. Anthony’s School in Kumasi and Accra Academy for his SHS education. According to Kidi, he was popular for both music and sports and was a badass football player. 

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