Kidi Admits He Never Took A Dime For Writing Anyone’s Music

Kidi Admits He Never Took A Dime For Writings Anyone's Music (instagram/Kidimusic)

In Ghana, music writers hardly make money out of writing songs. Even though some musicians in Ghana write their own music, others employ the help of other musicians to help pen down song lyrics for them.

In an interview session with Kidi on Kuulpeeps Live Jive, Kidi disclosed “predominantly I write for myself but when I get the chance I write for other people.”

Adina is one of the few people Kidi has written for, that explains their mutual relationship and why Adina is the only artist featured on Kidi’s “Blue Ep”.

He also said “if any artist approaches me and wants me to write for them, if the timing is right I’m always open to write for them”.

When asked if songwriting in Ghana is lucrative, Kidi said ” It depends on you, if you have the heart to charge, you will make money from it.”

He also disclosed how all the people he has written for are his friends hence charging becomes a bit difficult, “Most of the people i write for are people that are my friends and you know Ghana here they will do friends friends so bi bia y3 free, But even in some parts of the world you write for somebody even if it’s your friend you still get your cut, you still get your percentage and everything but in Ghana here, i speak for myself, I personally haven’t taken a dime for writing for anybody.

Live Jive is a Kuulpeeps show where entertainers take over the Kuulpeeps Instagram for a live session with their fans. The main aim is to help take people’s minds off the coronavirus pandemic and the fear and anxiety it comes with.

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Source: Kuulpeeps

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