Here Are 19 Of The Most Entertaining Ghanaian YouTube Channels. #SupportGhanaianCreators

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There is so much great Ghanaian content on YouTube. I’m talking about content that is actually entertaining and not content that you’re watching just to support a Ghanaian creator. So, we put a list together. And I guarantee that you’ll find something amazing that you’ll connect to. Enjoy!

1. Joseph Nti

Joseph Nti is home to documentaries, conversations on current and trending topics and what is probably the most entertaining game show series on a Ghanaian YouTube channel. You’re going to love the channel, especially the ‘Off The Top’ series. Here’s a random from the channel. Click here to check out the entire channel.

2. Taste Tales Ghana

Honestly, you are going to love this channel. There is so much creativity in the creating of the content which of course, centers mainly around food. One of my favourite series from the channel is ‘The Chopbox’ series which sees old students from different secondary schools recreating meals from Chopbox items for judges. Check out Taste Tales here, and you’ll find a video from the channel below.

3. Edem Fiawosime

The consistency of this channel is amazing. A new video goes up every week. Her content goes from beauty and makeup videos to hair care, question and answer videos and even Miss Malaika Tips. If you’re a girl you’re going to love this. If not, you’ll find something here that you’ll love anyway. Check out this random from the channel. And click here to check out the entire channel.

4. Take It To The Max

The videos on the TITTM blog are split into Vlogs, which see the YouTuber in ordinary scenarios or just up to something weird in a fun way. The other content on the channel is what you should 100% subscribe for; she interviews her favourite creatives from all around the world. Those videos have some of the most conversations. Click here to subscribe to the channel, and there’s a random below.

5. Nicoletta

There are different types of content on this YouTube channel. However, the majority of the videos on the channel are interactions with people from all around the world. Nicoletta moves around asking questions that you’ll see different people approach in different ways. This channel will broaden your world view, and it is pretty entertaining. Click here to check the channel out, and there’s a random below.

6. Ama Governor

This channel has some of the most original prank videos that you are going to find on YouTube. That content is always a fun watch. In addition, there are also storytime videos about the sometimes embarrassing, sometimes hilarious past of the YouTuber who has a big personality that you’re going to enjoy. Click here to check out the channel, and right below is a random from Ama Governor.


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