GH Men! Your Women Are Praying For A Man Like Kidi… Here’s Why

Artwork for Kidi and 99 Girls show

Yesterday, we had a conversation with the Sugar Daddy himself, Kidi on the weekly Kuulpeeps Instagram Live show… Live Jive. 

We learned so much about him and by the time we ended the interview… it hit us that herhhhhhhhhhh Kidi is the whole package!

Listen guys, Kidi is a threat. 

You know how ladies have a checkbox for the ideal man? Yes, Kidi fills every single one of them!

The only thing he’s lacking is being dark and tall! 

Just look: 

1.He’s a fine boy 

A light skinned cutie pie…

Kidi image via Instagram//@kidimusic

2.He’s definitely got mulaaaa

Your girl will dance with him to the bank charle 

via giphy

3.He’s a celebrity 

There’s a reason he says “strike a pose” Cos there’s no way you won’t be caught on camera with him.

Kidi image via

4.He’s funny

He made our host laugh so much we were getting worried!

via themedium

5.He’s got a great fashion sense!

Have you seen him look basic ever??? Actually, he makes basic look good. In just shorts and shirt during our IG live kraa he looked good smh.

Kidi image via Instagram//@kidimusic

6.He can sing!!!!

Every girl has dreamt of having a man who can singggg and Kidi’s got that voice!

via Kuulpeeps live jive session

5.He has a bad boy reputation 

He’s got just the right amount of “bad boy”. He told us stories of the time he was in high school and …

via Pinterest

Listen, the next time you hear “I want a nice, handsome, rich man who can sing”… you know who the girls are thinking about smh.

Gyaldem sugar indeed.

And now he’s the Sugar Daddy? 

via giphycat

Lol guys… hide your women! 

And watch our live session with him here: Live Jive with Kidi


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