Fred Kyei Mensah: The Man Who Lost All His Life’s Work On June 3

Fred Kyei Mensah

Five years ago, the June 3 disaster became one of the most horrific incidents that has ever happened in the country.

More than 200 people reportedly lost their lives and others also suffered various degrees of injuries after the flood also resulted in a fire outbreak from a fuel filling station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

Besides those survivors who were actually caught in the floods and the fire outbreak, others have also suffered the harsh economic impact it brought.

One of those is Fred Kyei Mensah, who today is among the long list of people who lost their livelihoods due to the June 3 disaster.

On June 1, 2015 Fred had taken delivery of a new set of equipment. He was upbeat about the future.

Fred and a television channel were producing a reality show and he had been asked to upgrade his studio equipment.

He used his personal savings and took out a loan to purchase equipment worth GHS 80,000. These equipment had arrived and on June 2, 2015, he had set them up in his studio and was getting ready for rehearsals to begin.

The following day, Accra would see one of its heaviest rains – the already chocked drainage systems did not help.

Fred’s studio, located at Adabraka was completely submerged.

Fred Kyei Mensah, standing on a car submerged in water: The Man Who Lost All His Life's Work On June 3
Fred Kyei Mensah at his flooded studio

All his equipmentsand the newly acquired equipments and documents were submerged in water.

At about 3pm on June 3, Fred was leaving his home in Pokuase when se saw that the clouds had gathered. He was going to deliver a jingle he had created for a client.

Deciding not to step out after receiving a warning phone call from his wife, Fred stayed at home.

Between 8pm and 9pm on June 3, Fred would receive a phone call that would turn his life upside down when he was told about the flooding of his studio.

Fred Kyei Mensah: The Man Who Lost All His Life's Work On June 3
Fred’s studio equipment after the flood

The next five years were difficult for Fred who had a family to take care of with his life’s work gone.

“I went there the next day and I lost everything,” Fred told in an interview.

“The government promised but nothing came. I lost everything, man has been struggling,” he added.

Fred Kyei Mensah: The Man Who Lost All His Life's Work On June 3
Fred Kyei Mensah in his studio before it got flooded

After five years, Fred is now trying to get back on his feet. A benevolent friend of his gave him a Personal Computer with which he has been using to work.

However Fred is fighting another battle – the coronavirus pandemic.

The music industry is one of the hardest-hit sectors. His other commercial business of creating jingles for corporate bodies has also come to a standstill.

“One jingle can even fetch you something but because of COVID-19 no corporate body is releasing jingles,” he said.

Yet, Fred is still paying for the loan he acquired to purchase the equipments that were submerged in the flood. Meanwhile, the interest is accumulating.

Fred reportedly trained Jay Q, Appietus, Kwame Yeboah, Richie, Killbeatz and other producers and is also credited for discovering acts like Samini, Celestine Donkor, Ofori Amponsah, Kofi B, KK Fosu and others, Fred is well known in the music space.

While he is hopeful that his music business would bounce back, he’s also practical enough to diversify his investments as he hopes to identify business opportunities available in his neighborhood of Pokuase.


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