Fameye Clashes With Twitter User Over His Lyrics

Fameye, Ghanaian musician known for his hit song "Nothing I Get"

Fameye this morning [June 5, 2020] got into a heated argument with a Twitter user over the kind of lyrics that he churns out in his songs.

The Twitter user, known as Kwabena Wan, sent a tweet claiming that all Fameye talks about in his songs is how he struggled in life. He, therefore, asked people to help Fameye to produce much better lyrics for his songs.

Fameye later replied Kwabena Wan and stated that the tweet about him is “not true”. He added that Kwabena Wan is only posting untrue stuff about him for attention on Twitter.

Screenshot of Fameye’s argument with Kwabena Wan

Kwabena Wan went on to clarify that his tweet about Fameye’s lyrics was not aimed at getting attention. According to him, his tweet is based on facts. He asked Fameye to go ahead and ask others about what they think of the lyrics in his songs.

Screenshot of Fameye’s argument with Kwabena Wan

Things got heated when Fameye started to rain curses on Kwabena Wan.

“Tins only go bee for you on social media,” Fameye wrote.

He went on to dispute Kwabena Wan’s claims and asked him to go and listen to all his songs before tweeting untrue things about the songs he makes.

Screenshot of Fameye’s argument with Kwabena Wan

Kwabena Wan further clarified that he thinks Fameye is a very good musician but he is just asking him to change the message in his lyrics.

“I’m not saying you’re not good, just saying change the message of your lyrics small,” Kwabena Wan wrote.

Screenshot of Fameye’s argument with Kwabena Wan

Fameye is known for his hit song titled Nothing I Get in which he talks about the struggles in life.

He recently released a song titled Okomfour Kwaadee to celebrate legendary Ghanaian highlife musician Okomfour Kwaadee.

Listen to the song below:

Official audio of Fameye’s “Okonfour Kwaadee”

source: kuulpeeps.com

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