Chelsea Tuffour Kumi: The Girl Behind Viral George Floyd Protest Video With Twi Voiceover

In the United States of America, black people and allies of the black community are protesting and championing Black Lives Matter.

Photos and videos of the various protest marches have been circulating on social media. However, one particular protest video has been going viral on Ghanaian social media.

It is the video from a protest of someone, obviously Ghanaian, insulting American police officers in the Twi Language.

The voice is Chelsea Tuufuor Kumi, a junior in college (level 300) and a political science major. She hopes to become a future lawyer and activist.

In a Q&A interview with Chelsea talked about the Black Lives Matter movement and she has a special message for those also championing All Lives Matter.

Kuulpeeps: Your video has gone viral. Have you been protesting? Why did you decide to join the Black Lives Matter protests?

Chelsea: Yes! I am been protesting because for one I am an African American living in this country (USA) and I see and witness the ridiculous amount of police brutality on a daily basis. It’s actually scary that people are judged based on their skin complexion. Being black has so many cons in this country. I myself love the skin I was created into but from decades before I was born my ancestors have suffered for absolutely no reason and have been oppressed by the white man. I joined because I someday want to be a part of a change and I solely and strongly believe that it starts with the individual which is myself. The death of George Floyd is not the only reason why our people have decided to show this amount of disgust and anger within the past few days. Many other African Americans have been killed by white people and officers and have received no justice whatsoever. We just have people walking free after they have murdered someone’s child, brother and father! We can’t sit and continue to watch this become a normality. I have brothers and uncles who walk these streets every day and I cannot and will never bring myself to imagine one of them getting hurt or even worse killed for absolutely no reason. It’s absolutely disgusting that this police officer was being recorded and he still kept kneeling on this poor man’s neck. That alone should tell people how comfortable these officers were, and not caring while a man begged for his life! He refused to provide aid for him and watched him die. For a country that claims they are for the people and by the people, there is a big glitch in that! The people clearly do NOT involve African Americans and other minorities! I have personally lost friends at a young age due to police brutality and unprofessionalism!So for me this hits home!

Kuulpeeps: Did you imagine your video going this viral? Why do you think people related to the video?

Chelsea: I know I have always been a joker but No! I never thought my video would go viral at all! I knew it was funny once I played it back after posting it on my Snapchat story. People asked for me to send it to them. I did not really think much of it. I think people related to the video because it was in my motherland dialect and it was funny. The message behind the video was really to express how annoyed I was with the whole situation till this day. I choose to speak “twi” because I wanted my fellow Ghanaians to know that we were a part of the change because your country Ghana was one of the countries in Africa that got colonized and was oppressed by the white man from decades ago and it still burns.

Kuulpeeps: What parallels can you draw between the struggle for BLM and the fight for justice in our Ghanaian community?

Chelsea: I have personally spent some time in Ghana and I must say. My father Lawyer Emmanuel Kwaku Kumi personally educated me on how the justice system functions at times. It sort of inspired me to get into the law and the political field. From what I know, money basically rules everything in Ghana. The more you have the better for you! It’s sad because many people convicted of crimes who can not even get a hold of a court date and just thrown into the prison to suffer. It seems the “innocent until proven guilty” does not function in my motherland. On top of it all, there is also corruption whereby people are using their powers to make others suffer. Becoming a lawyer or being a part of the justice system should not include placing people’s life’s in danger.

Kuulpeeps: What are your opinions about those pushing ‘All Lives Matter’ argument?

Chelsea: Oh Lord, the phrase “All Lives Matter” irks my nerves! Yes of course All lives do matter. But not in this situation. It’s ignorant for people to actually use this phrase at this particular given time! When we have watched Black people’s lives taken away for candy in regards to Trayvon Martin. People getting shot because they were jogging in communities??? I mean the thought of it is disgusting!! ALL LIVES MATTER then why are we dying for nothing. One thing the white man must understand is they have always been given the lead, black people have lost their identity from slavery until this day. It’s about time some action is taken.

Kuulpeeps: Is there anything you would like to add?

Chelsea: The problem is also with our racist President Donald Trump. Just look at this man! The way he speaks! The way he talks ill about people of color! During this hectic time, all we need is a so-called leader! To say yes “Black Lives Matter” yet he’s insulting us and calling us names! What do you expect ? There will be continuous chaos, drama and looting until somebody speaks sense into that man’s head. Which I highly doubt because he had openly shown us how racist he is from the jump! We pray for a change or else I don’t know what is gonna happen! There was a curfew placed because people were protesting but never a curfew for the coronavirus!!!! A virus that had killed millions of people. That is how bad they want to keep blacks oppressed!!! In God we Trust ✊🏾

Thank you, Chelsea for an amazing conversation.


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