Actor Sam Richardson Talks About Being Black And Growing Up In America

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (10075727c) Sam Richardson poses for a portrait to promote the film "Bootstrapped" at the Salesforce Music Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival, in Park City, Utah 2019 Sundance Film Festival - "Bootstrapped" Portrait Session, Park City, USA - 28 Jan 2019

American comedian and actor, Sam Richardson revealed on Conan O’Brien how growing up black in America feels like.

Last year as part of Ghana’s year of return initiative, Conan O’Brien and Sam Richardson flew to Ghana to experience and learn about the rich culture of Ghana. After their insightful trip the two hinted on making the trip to Ghana once more.

The World is in chaos with alot of things not going the way they should. The recent uprising and fight for racial equality in America and around the world has sparked alot of conversations about African-Americans living in America and the targeted racism they face daily.

The death of George Floyd has sparked the movement of having blacks take care of each other.

In the video, Sam Richardson says he’s not surprised or shocked by what’s happening. Talking about growing up in two worlds, that is growing up in Ghana and Detroit Sam Richardson speaks on the uniqueness the two worlds hold. “In Ghana, the faces are all black, so I have no fear of prejudice toward my skin, Black people represent the wealthy elites, the middle class, and the lower class and to juxtapose that with my life in the United States these no bolder contrast that here legitimately is second class citizenry,” he said in the video.

Talking about his experience growing up he shared, “I was at my girlfriends house in Detroit suburbs and late night a drunk driver hits a pole, hit it, crushed it, right next to my car, the police came investigating …and I went outside and I was like oh officers.. and the guy screamed at me”, this was when he was trying to give the police information about the incident.

He then tells Conan O’Brien about the time he was wrongly accused of stealing as a 12-year-old boy. Remembering the situation he said, “I was fully confused, I was like 12 -years old”.

When Conan asks Sam how he contains his anger he said, “If we were all to show the amount of frustration and fear that we feel, we wouldn’t be able to exist in society.”

In quoting Hulk from the Avengers movie he said “I am always angry”

“I can’t let that anger dictate my life, and stop me from experiencing life. That’s true for all of us. There’s no way we can see what happens in the world, and watch these cases of violence against us, and not be angry,” he added.

Check out the full interview below.

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