MTN Reportedly Plans To Launch New 5G Network End Of June In SA

MTN, Micfrim Launch Affordable Smartphones
MTN, Micfrim Launch Affordable Smartphones

South African mobile operator MTN plans to roll out its new 5G network by end of June, and it has started to promote its 5G value proposition in its latest Y’ello magazine.

The promotion in the Y’ello magazine states that MTN will make the “best network even better with 5G-enabled smartphones”.

This promotion forms part of the launch of the new 5G-enabled Huawei P40 or P40 Pro smartphones in South Africa.

The operator says 5G enablement gives users greater capacity to connect multiple devices to the Internet.

It also improves real-time connectivity features which means “you can connect to the cloud and other remote services faster than ever before”.

MTN 5G launch date

MTN says both post-paid and prepaid customers with 5G-enabled devices and an LTE SIM card qualify for the service.

“Current 4G devices will not be able to use the new network, which will require new 5G-enabled wireless devices,” it said.

The 5G service is set to be available on current LTE SIM card customer price plan rates.

In its fine print in the Y’ello magazine, MTN states that its 5G network service offering is valid from Monday 1 June 2020 and that it is only available in LTE coverage areas.

It is understood that delays in bringing some 5G equipment into South Africa have pushed back the planned launch date slightly.

However, people in the industry claim see this as a possible roadmap for MTN Ghana to possibly roll out the 5G service sometime this year or the next.

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