Kidi Reveals Why He Doesn’t Often Listen To His Own Songs

Kidi Reveals Why He Doesn't Often Listen To His Own Songs

Kidi has revealed why he doesn’t listen to his own songs in an interview on Kuulpeeps #LiveJive.

Some musicians get hooked to their own songs and don’t listen to any other songs. But with Kidi the narrative is different.

Kidi revealed he doesn’t listen to his own because from recording to the editing process, he listens to the songs. So to prevent him from getting fed-up with his songs he listens to other songs.

“Fun fact i don’t like playing my song, I don’t like hearing myself sing. It’s weird to me, it’s like i have heard the song so many times in the studio when i’m recording, when i’m with myself too i don’t want to keep playing it. Because already when I’m going to perform i will keep hearing it. Plus when i listen to my song too much i always find faults, i always like try to scrutinize the song. I just let other people listen to my song while i also listen to other peoples songs”, Kidi said in the interview.

Check out the full video below;

Source: Kuulpeeps

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