Becca Slammed For Calling Ghanaians Hypocrites Amid BLM Protests

Becca has been heavily criticised on Twitter for downplaying the importance of the support that some Ghanaians are showing for the Black Lives Matter movement.

People all over the world including Ghanaians have joined Americans to protest against the inhumane treatment meted out to Black People in the US, and also demand justice for George Floyd.

But, Becca thinks Ghanaians are “hypocrites.”

According to her, the Ghanaians who are protesting against racism are the same people who criticise others for marrying people from other African countries.

She tweeted: “You are here in Africa fighting and advocating racism in the US but in your church/home, you are criticizing and judging someone for marrying a fellow African because they are not from your hometown/country/church… Damn Hypocrites!!!”

Becca’s tweet critising Ghanaians

Like other Ghanaians, Ama K Abebrese and Lydia Forson have called Becca out for her statement.

“…It’s incomparable to equate the fight for the systemic racism in the USA to African tribalism in marriage and hypocrisy,” Ama K Abebrese stated.

She added: “You can highlight that without appearing to diminish the fight about police brutality. Murder is not marriage. Love always.”

Ama K Abebrese’s reply to Becca

Lydia Forson, however, believes Becca can still dedicate her platform to speak on tribalism without criticising others for speaking against racism.

Lydia Forson’s reply to Becca

Here are more reactions to Becca’s statement:

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