Arabella Nyame-Adu: Wey Gey Hey Old Girl Who Designs Wheel Caps

Arabella Nyame-Adu

There was a time women driving vehicles was unconventional,, women who did anything outside the kitchen were unconventional.

However, today it would be unconventional to deny a woman of doing any of these things and more.

However, it would be safe to say that Arabella Nyame-Adu is doing something very unconventional for a lady.

The 30-year-old mother of one and a wife has found a new hobby which she has every intention of commercializing.

Her artistic hobby has led her to design car rims. She added a little spec to the wheel caps of vehicles.

Wheel caps designed by Arabella

And… no it doesn’t hurt anyone if you car’s wheel cap is super cool.

Before Arabella started designing wheel caps she was making organic shea butter and hair butter. She also sold temporary hair dye.

Arabella’s shea butter product

The wheel cap design started when her husband wanted his wheel caps sprayed black so they look dope.

“But I told him to buy the spray paint and let me work on them. So I sketched a few designs, settled on one and executed. It turned out really nice so he convinced me to start doing it as a business,” Arabella told in an interview.

Wheel caps designed by Arabella

“I’m looking forward to working on many more wheel caps. I’m getting so many ideas for more designs.. I wish I could even redo my husband’s own,” she added.

“Business isn’t easy to start. It can get very discouraging. Over time I’ve learned to trust and appreciate the process,” she explained.

Wheel caps being designed by Arabella

While Arabella regards her car wheel cap design venture as an artistic hobby she very much is conscious of the business possibilities it brings.


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