Annoying Things Some Ghanaians Do In A Trotro

Sitting in a trotro can be an extreme sport but what can you do about it? Well, you can attempt to say something and have everybody else in the bus rain insults on you and tell you how rude you are.

If you had money you would have used one of the car hailing services like Uber or Bolt but you have trotro money so you’ll deal with the trotro problems.

Here are some of the most annoying things Ghanaians do in Trotro.

1. Sit with their legs wide openManspreading

Dear Men, Please Kill Manspreading | Identity Magazine
Image of 3 people sitting down with a guy’s legs widely opened. Source:

Guys like to do this a lot! We get that your legs are long or you don’t want to squash the organs between your legs but still, sometimes it’s not even about these 2. You do it out of habit and squeeze the rest of us in the vehicle. It gets worse when they sit beside a skinny girl because they think she won’t occupy much space so they open their legs even more. You paid for one seat so occupy just that one. Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.

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