7 Necessary Playlists Everyone Needs To Have 

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a music head or not…playlists are essential things everyone needs and they are quite easy to make unless you’re like me and you have to make sure it’s arranged a specific way to make the listening experience special.

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Music makes everything better and that is why we all need these basic playlists in our music library! 

Commute playlist 

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Traffic can be crazy sometimes or maybe you just live far away and going anywhere is a journey. This playlist works for travelling too! You need a playlist that will not make you bored. You can even add your favourite jams so you hype yourself up and entertain yourself while you’re in traffic. 

For those who drive, you’re less likely to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Sex playlist 

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Once you’re ‘doing the do’ dierr you need a playlist that will set the mood. Make things groovy so you can enjoy yourself. Best thing about this kind of playlist is, it’s an excuse to muffle the sex sounds so your neighbours don’t hear your ecstatic screams! We talked about all the benefits of music and sex here

In Your Feelings playlist

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Sometimes when you’re sad or really emotional, it helps to have a few sad songs to make you sadder. Lol it sounds crazy but it actually helps cos sometimes, these songs say what we feel in ways we could never say ourselves! Ps: this playlist is more of a heartbreak playlist for 90% of the people we know.

Bathroom Playlist 

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For some of us, bath time is concert time and we need to perform while we get ourselves clean! If you’ve never played music while bathing, you should try it… it’s therapeutic.

Exercise playlist 

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When exercising, every second feels like eternity and eternity makes you aware that you are tired Charle and your muscles are screaming to be free but… a playlist will do wonders in making your exercise feel shorter. We recommend SA house music because whew those songs are ENERGETIC!! 

Study Playlist 


If you’re okay with studying with music, you definitely need music. We’d recommend soft cool songs that can easily fade into the background while you chew all the information you need to ‘chew’ although for some of us, loud music did help us secure some As!

Productivity playlist 

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We are calling it this because this is the playlist you need anytime you’re doing something productive. It could be work, house chores, cooking… anything! This playlist will do wonders in making your tasks seem less stressful!

If you’re looking for a playlist to discover new music, you should try this one.

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