7 Music Videos With Over 3 Billion Views On YouTube

PSY’s Gangnam style has since been surpassed as the most viewed video

Seeing a million views on a music video on YouTube makes you impressed. It’s like “wow, you managed to get a million people to watch your video!” But a billion?!!!

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Videos making huge numbers on YouTube was not weird at all but the fun fact is, they were usually viral videos until PSY dropped Gangnam Style and became the first video… a music video at that, to get a billion views (He was getting over a million views daily)

Since then, music videos have never looked back!

Take a look at the videos with not less than 3 billion views currently.

Despacito – 6.7 Billion

Luis Fonsi music video for Despacito

It’s funny that the highest viewed YouTube video is one that is not even in English. The song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee was a summer jam when it was released about three years ago and it played a very big role in getting more people into Latin pop… something being referred to as the Despacito effect!

Baby Shark – 5.5 Billion

Baby shark video by Pinkfong

Let’s blame the kids. Okay not just the kids cos some of us adults had a lot of fun with this song. The song, produced by Korean pop manufacturer Pinkfong started to go viral when everyone realized their babies looooved the song! Future leaders ampa… influencing the world from their high chairs and cribs.

Shape Of You – 4.8 Billion

Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you

Ed Sheeran is definitely one of the biggest pop artists from England. This song made charts and the video even holds the record for the third-fastest video to reach a billion views.

See You Again – 4.5 Billion

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s See You Again

5 years ago, Wiz Khalifa dropped this song with Charlie Puth for the Fast and Furious 7 movie and in memory of Paul Walker. According to Digital Trends, this video was also the most liked video between August 26, 2016, and July 25, 2017.(It currently has 28million likes). It even became the most viewed video until Despacito came and took over.

Uptown Funk – 3.8 Billion

Uptown Funk video from Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson featured Bruno Mars on this song back in 2014 (still one of my favourite songs). The song became an instant hit and topped charts in several countries, making it one of the most successful singles from the artist.

Gangnam Style – 3.6 Billion

PSY’s viral Gangnam Style song

Remember this song??!! It became an instant hit after it was released in 2012 and made history as the first music video to reach a billion views on YouTube and this took the video just 6 months! The song maintained the spot for three whole years before being overthrown by Justin Bieber’s Baby.

Sorry – 3.2 Billion

Justin Bieber’s Sorry music video

Justin Bieber is no stranger to making a billion views. He was the first to overthrow PSY’s Gangnam style with his song ‘Baby’ and let’s just say once that happened, it opened the doors for more music videos to reach that mark (let’s call him a motivation of some sorts to other artists). Anyway, his song Sorry is one of his most viewed music videos.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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