5 Times Lydia Forson Proved That Curvy Women Can Break All Style Rules

A grid of images of Lydia Forson

One of the most confident people in Ghana proud of their size and skin is Lydia Forson.

What you will not do is to tell her what and what she can or cannot wear. She will wear whatever she wants, however she wants it and if you come for her in her comments section, she’ll put you in your place. PeriodT!

These 5 times prove how she breaks stereotypes about plus size fashion.

1. Short clothes

Image of Lydia Forson in shorts. Source: @lydiaforson on IG

Plus sized women are constantly being told to wear clothes which will be below the knee but let’s be really honest here. When slim girls wear clothes which are above the knee, nobody says anything because they don’t exactly have a lot of flesh to show. When plus sized ladies do it, because you see flesh, it’s immediately “indecent”, which is not fair.

Image of Lydia Forson in shorts. Source: @lydiaforson on IG

Lydia Forson doesn’t play by your rules so you can keep them to yourselves.

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