5 Fanbases That Are Fiercely Loyal No Matter What

Image via Kuulpeeps.com

We know of the well known phrase “Not all” and we are aware it applies here too.

These are fanbases who are widely known for their reputation for being fiercely loyal… sometimes to a fault. They are definitely the most impressive groups of fans we have observed and anyone who has a Fanbase as strong as these is probably in awe because… how do you spark so much loyalty from hundreds of people??? 

These are the wildest, hardest, craziest, sometimes out of control fans we’ve observed on and off social media.

#1 – The Beyhive 

Beyoncé via giphy

We almost didn’t want to mention their name because just this post might send them swarming into our lives but listen, the Beyhive is a force of its own. They do not tolerate any Beyoncé slander and will come for you. Even Queen Beyoncé can not control them! 

They’ve literally bullied people into deleting their accounts like Nicole Curran who was seen whispering to Beyoncé’s husband.. Jay Z during a game.

It was a classic “how dare you try to steal our Queen’s man”

screenshot via Twitter

#2 – SM fans

Shatta Wale via Yen.com

Shatta Wale’s fans. The Shatta Movement.
You dare come at their idol. He’s been able to secure their loyalty so hard that if Shatta asks them to jog next to his car all day, they’d do it! They will attack you if they think you’re the enemy and will fight you even in real life for saying their King’s music is not ‘tasteful’. It can be so crazy that people get shocked when someone they deem “respectable” says they are a Shatta fan.

screenshot from Twitter
screenshot via Twitter

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