Unrealistic Things Movies Have Made Us Believe About Love

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The movies have been one of our sources of education especially when it comes to relationships.

Romantic movies will let you expect so much from the opposite sex and you’ll end up squashing relationships which could have ended up in marriage, because you had wrong expectations.

Wake up!! This is real life and if you don’t fight for what you want, you’ll end up with nothing. It will shock you that a number of people still believe in the points we are about to make but let’s make it clear once again. They are unrealistic.

Here are some of the unrealistic things movies have made us believe:

1. Mr/Mrs right is the one you hated in the beginning

Image of a meme from Twitter

It’s always someone you didn’t like for one reason or the other but somehow, miraculously, you start liking them and you become friends which sloowwly starts to turn into love. Wake up! (In Wendy Shay’s voice) In real life, your reason for not liking him in the first place could be valid and there’s a 99% chance that they won’t change.

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