Someone Turned These Arsenal Players Into Women And… Lmao

Mezut Ozil via Twitter//@eddielong

We know you guys miss football and spend a few minutes every day mourning the fact that you missed out on major matches but, now that’s slowly all coming back again…

Here’s something to brighten your day.

Someone photoshopped some of the Arsenal players as women and we cannot get the images out of our heads!

We must admit, some of them look quite striking!

Take a look lol:

Mezut Ozil

image via Twitter//@EddieLongbridge

Ozil when he hears he was turned into a woman:

Ozil gif via giphy

We know some of you may not even recognize these guys… Ermm sorry, ladies!

Hector Bellerin

image via Twitter//@eddielongbridge

The real Hector when someone says “excuse me Miss” lol:

Hector Bellerin gif via Tumblr

From David Luiz to Aubameyang, take a look at your football faves!

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