#MusicUnboxed: Kwamebillz’ ‘Ohemaa’ And How It Almost Confirmed His Fears

Kwamebillz for Kuulpeeps MusicUnboxed

Kwamebillz first dropped Ohemaa which is an Ashanti twi word that means “Queen”  and is used as a form of endearment in Ghana, in 2018.

Unfortunately the song didn’t get the attention he thought it deserved which is one of the reasons why he’s yet to drop new music.

For him, within the period after he dropped the song, he had just one fear, same as every other young artiste: the fear of his song dying out without being heard. 

Kwamebillz on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

Kwamebillz recorded the song Ohemaa while he was an NSS personnel straight out of getting a degree in IT from GTUC.

He linked up with a friend, CaptheKing who laid the vocals down on the second verse of the song. Kwamebillz considers himself a rapper but has found that making afrobeats comes easy to him…as easy as making music around the love theme which is what happened with Ohemaa.

Lyrics from Ohemaa by Kwamebillz on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

He just started writing, caught the vibe and set off to record what will become his second song.

Ohemaa is the usual feel good afrobeats love song. The kind you can dance to at a linkup or just vibe to in your room. 

It’s been 2 years since the song’s release and we are proud to be a part of Kwamebillz’ journey…

His fear of not getting his song heard can be put to rest at least and he can confidently put out more music!! 

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