How Much Do Artistes Get Paid On Music Streaming Platforms?

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Everyone keeps screaming “stream and stop illegal downloads” because streaming is the most primary way our artists can make money from what they do.

Every time we see artists celebrate their streaming numbers, we celebrate with them too because 1, it is beautiful to see that people actually enjoy your music and 2, more streams mean more money.

Currently, there are a lot of music streaming services available to fans to stream their artiste’s music but…they all don’t have a fixed pay per stream charge.

This is mostly because it all depends on a number of factors which include the country your listeners are listening from, whether or not your listener is using a free account or is on a paid subscription, currency rates and more so yes, these figures change a lot.

These are just to give you a fair idea of how much is roughly paid per stream and per a thousand streams.

Streaming PlatformAmount per stream ($)Amount per 1000 streams ($)
Apple Music
Google Play Music0.00676.70
Amazon Music0.00828.20
YouTube Music0.00292.91
Figures via David Olivieri

Per these figures, an artiste may be getting roughly GHc40 and coins after a thousand streams (from Apple Music which pays the most after Tidal) which will also be split between producers, songwriters and all involved in the making of the song.

The real ‘goldmine’ lies in being able to get a million streams (do the math) but remember that in Africa, our artistes are likely making less than stated since most of the revenue paid relies heavily on the amount of subscription revenue generated by the platform and how often the artiste’s music was streamed. 

Less subscriptions to the platform means less cuts of the music streaming platform’s “pie”

Artists in Ghana struggle with getting people to stream their music mostly because we’d rather download illegally than stream but… seeing an estimate of how much your fave artistes make should, maybe, trigger you to want to do more by actually streaming their music some more.

For young artistes, this means the smartest option is to put your music out on all platforms (not just the ones we listed) but ALL platforms because it’s easier making a dollar (GHc5 plus coins) from multiple accounts than just getting that dollar (GHc5 plus coins) from one streaming platform.

The music business, there’s no formula but small and steady is what will take you to the top.


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