Did You Know: How To Tell If It’s A Man Or Woman’s Shirt

Image of a lady in a button down shirt from loft.com

Welcome to the Kuulpeeps Did You Know Fashion Series. Here, we educate you about fashion pieces…

In today’s episode, we are focusing on how to determine if a button down shirt is for a lady or guy, just by looking at them.

I got to know about this recently and I was really surprised. I had no clue about the fact that there were shirts made for guys and others for ladies. I always just thought you selected what you want based on your preference, like the colours or the prints used for the shirt.

A shirt made for a guy has its buttons on the right hand side whiles those made for ladies have buttons on the left hand side.

Apparently, when buttons were invented, only rich women could wear clothes with them and they weren’t dressing themselves so it was easier to put the buttons on the right side since most people were right handed.

Image from Fashion Inspirations on Pinterest

Many elements of men’s fashion can be traced back to the military. Once again, the right-handed assumption played a role since access to a weapon practically trumped everything. A firearm tucked inside a shirt would be easier to reach from the dominant side. (Source: today.com)

Image of a Men’s button down shirt From AliExpress

If you were today years old when you got to know about this, leave a comment and say “I”. Lol

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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