Amaarae Calls For Support To Fight Racial Abuse And Justice Against The Abuse Of Women

Amaarae's Burberry B series live performance (image via Twitter/Nana_Poley)

Ghanaian Afro-soul musician, Amaarae has put up a list of organizations that people could make donations to, to help fight the oppression against black men and women. The list also includes justice against the abuse of women especially in Nigeria due to the recent murder and rape of both Uwa and Tina.

Amaarae encouraged her followers to check out her Instagram stories to match the donations she had made.

In an Instagram post by Amaarae she wrote, “It is imperative for those of us who cannot be on the front lines protesting, marching and fighting to find other ways to support the causes and the people that are fighting for our justice. Every little bit counts. I took the time to put together a list of funds and petitions you can donate to/sign( link in bio). I chose 3 organizations and sent in my donations 💜 if you would like to match me, please check my stories! No pressure, even if you just sign a petition to support that’s fine as long as you find a way that is most comfortable for you to contribute to the fight for justice against black men and black women. Love and appreciate you guys. Please stay safe in these sad times.

Check out Amaarae’s Instagram post below:

Source: Kuulpeeps

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