Almost Like The Movies: Emotional Images From The #BlackLivesMatter Protests

Image via Twitter//@YourAnonCentral

The whole world is literally protesting with Americans right now.

Black Americans took to the streets to peacefully protest the murder of a black man named George Floyd and since then, protests which started off in the city where he was shot have spread to over a 100 cities in America and other countries as well with people all around the world showing their support in the Black Lives Matter movement, seeking justice for George Floyd and speaking against Police brutality and racial profiling.

Social media is rife with videos and images from these protests and we’ve slowly seen the peaceful protests turn pretty violent, with protesters running for safety from the police.

Rubber bullets are being shot at the protesters, teargas being used on them and some are being beaten by the police for as little as just sitting in their cars.

The images and videos are scary and some are mindblowing. Most people are still in disbelief that these are actual real life events happening currently, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Take a look at some of these compelling images. Some will make you smile, some will make you proud and some will just tug at your heart and even make you angry.

Graduation in power

Twitter user, @louismichael_11 shared this photo after another user tweeted that people who just graduated and couldn’t walk in their graduation (because of the pandemic) are showing up at the protests in their gowns.

We don’t care what you say but this is a powerful statement. Graduating comes with dreams and for this young man, wearing his gown while protesting for an injustice that could easily end his dreams too is heartbreaking.

image via Twitter//@louismichael_11 (photo shot by Sarabeth Maney)

“My Baby, My Baby”

According to Twitter user, @jayjanner the lady in the picture was protesting on Saturday when she was shot in the abdomen by a non lethal round.
She was heard crying “my baby, my baby” because she was pregnant.

image via Twitter//@Jayjanner

Beauty in ‘the struggle’

The phot looks pretty… a city with bright lights, but if you go closer, you’d notice there are thousands of people on the bridge, protesting.

The photo was tweeted by @PhilNYI

image via Twitter//@PhilNYI

Silence When A Voice Was Needed

This image posted by @AntonioFrench looks like a haunted house in one of the scary movies you see. Several Twitter users have also commented that it looks like plantation homes back when slavery was legal.

It’s the White House.

The lights in the White House went off when protestors gathered in the streets of Washington D.C. Sunday night to demonstrate against the recent deaths of unarmed Black men and women.

The White House, where the president resides, turned their lights off and ignored the people.

City In Flames

This image posted by the Anonymous Hackers group on Twitter @YourAnonCentral shows an image of Washington D.C during the protest.

Zoom in and you’d notice some parts are up in flames

image via Twitter//@YourAnonCentral

This close up photo shows protestors setting fires outside the White House while Trump stayed hidden with the lights off.

image via Twitter @YourAnonCentral (photo credit: Alex Brandon/AP)

Peace in the chaos

In the midst of all the chaos, two protestors were caught on camera in an embrace near the White House on May 30th

image via Reuters//photo credit: JONATHAN ERNST

The Problems Remain…

We keep seeing videos of the police doing exactly what the people are protesting. This image from Twitter user, @imyagirleva shows the police carrying away a protestor. According her tweet and the thread, he was detained unconscious with no medical care for over 30 Hours. He’s currently back with his family.

Watch the video here.

image via Twitter//@imyagirleva

“I can’t breathe”

This tweet from @Fambromedia shows several protestors in Alabama laying down in protest for the same amount of time George Floyd kept saying he couldn’t breathe until he died… 8 minutes 46 seconds.

image via Twitter//@Fambromedia

The scenes are super crazy!

And everyone is doing their part in helping the Blacks get justice!

Even from here in Ghana, you can add your voice to the movement because it affects us all!

We can’t join them on the streets but we can sign petitions, donate and help here: #BlackLivesMatter Resources


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