10 Childhood Games That Made Growing Up In Nigeria Worthwhile

Jumping-Rope image via connectnigeria.com
Jumping-Rope image via connectnigeria.com

We have all had our share of childhood games while growing up.

These games are what made our childhood extremely fun.

The memories alone would make you smile because we were just little innocent kids who weren’t bothered by the problems faced by modern-day adults.

If you didn’t enjoy any of these games, then you probably were the book-only type.

Below are top 10 children games that were in vogue back then.


TBT: Our Legendary Ten-Ten Game Is Now Going Extinct
ten ten image via koko.ng

This game requires two people who put forth their legs in opposite direction


TBT: Throwback To When 'Suwe' Was Everyone's Favourite Game
suwe image via koko.ng

Americans have now changed it to Hopscotch..lol

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