Is Your Network Provider Stealing Your Data? This App Will Tell You!

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

One of the things that this generation spends the most on is data bundles. It seems like no matter how much data we buy, it’s never enough. And sometimes that leads people to believe that their network provider is stealing from them. I have felt that way before. You probably have too. Luckily there’s an app that will put your mind at ease.

My Data Manager

Screenshot From My Data Manager App

So, what the My Data Manager app does is that it monitors your data usage.

“But Kuulpeeps, there are already in-built apps on our phones that do that.”

Well, no. Not like this. This app comes packed with features that will make even the highest level of Social Media addict go a whole month with their one bundle.

Here Is What Makes This App So Great

  • First of all, there is data use history. The My Data Manager app lets you see how much you’ve used over a day, over a week or over a month. And of course, you can sort by the apps that you have used that data on. But that’s basic; that’s what the native apps give you.
  • Secondly, the app allows you to create data plans. For this, you enter the details of the bundle that you just bought. This includes when you bought the bundle, how much data you bought and when it is supposed to expire. And then, the app creates a budget for you. It gives you a daily stipend of data; just like a parent giving their child chop money on a daily basis.
  • The app will notify you when you have used all the data in your budget for that day.
  • And then, finally, a feature that really stands out is that the app gives you a usage forecast. The app actually predicts how long your data will last depending on how you’ve been using your data.
  • Oh, and the app has a dark mode 😁.

The My Data Manager app by App Annie Basics is available for both Android and iOS.


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